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Explore the Frontier of Web³ Innovations; Unleash Unlimited Possibilities

Dive deep into a realm of pioneering advancements uniting transformative projects that harness the prowess of Blockchain technology. Discover a range of solutions, from Play-to-Earn (P2E) Trivia challenges and AI-driven Notarization services to extensive educational materials enlightening you on the vast possibilities within the blockchain domain.

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Our mission at BitHub.Africa is to expedite the adoption of pivotal technologies like Blockchain, AI, and IoT across Global African Web3 Communities. Founded in December 2015 by John Wainaina Karanja and Christian Kakoba Mugisho, BitHub.Africa began operations in January 2016. Our core initiative, Melanin Solar, champions Distributed Energy access throughout Africa. Operating under the expansive Melanin Global brand, BitHub.Africa forms an essential component of the Melanin Academy program, training blockchain engineers to craft and deploy revolutionary distributed computing solutions.

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CoinTest stands as a beacon in the digital currency landscape, offering a precise and transparent insight into the intricate world of Cryptocurrencies. Powered by AI and Machine Learning, CoinTest dives into public Blockchain projects, analyzing them based on varied parameters like code contributions and updates. What sets CoinTest apart is its innovative Blockchain Notarization technique, using the Whive Protocol & Blockchain. This feature ensures documents’ authenticity, making it an invaluable tool for those delving deep into the crypto sphere, seeking both clarity and assurance.

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Embark on a journey into the Nyukia metaverse, a dynamic fusion of blockchain technology, AI innovation, and IoT integration. Powered by the Whive protocol, Nyukia brings you a play-to-earn trivia game that not only imparts knowledge but also rewards your participation. Dive into our live trivia challenges and earn valuable $WHIVE coins while having a blast. At Nyukia, we transcend the realm of gaming; we stand at the forefront of propelling the adoption of sustainable energy solutions through the twin pillars of education and entertainment. Join us on this exciting mission today.

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